On the Scene at SXSW: Exploring the Wondrous World of the SXSW Trade Show and More

Mar 16, 2012 Comments ()
  • Downtown Austin was full of bizarre promotional displays during SXSW. This one was set up by a fat reduction program with the slogan "Let's Get Naked." Not during SXSW, thank you.  
  • Even cyclists have parking difficulties during SXSW.
  • Occupy the ... SXSW Trade Show? Amid a number of cookie-cutter promotional booths, you could find the occasional splashes of creativity. 
  • At the trade show, all you need for a fun SXSW: crazy hats, a feather boa, and bottled water. But please don't wear the crazy hats while seated in a movie theater. 
  • The Austin Chronicle booth at the SXSW Trade Show was festively decorated with covers from back issues, and was mostly taken up by a ping-pong table.
  • Vinyl could be making a comeback? This SXSW Trade Show booth included machines that created records on the spot.
  • Paul Williams himself showed up to prove the truth in the title of the SXSW documentary Paul Williams Still Alive, screening at the Stateside Theatre on Tuesday.
  • Musician Paul Williams with filmmaker Stephen Kessler at the Q&A for Paul Williams Still Alive.
  • This bus, driving around downtown Austin during SXSW, shared a great message for the festival while at the same time promoting a popular online retail site.
  • You can find live music anywhere in downtown Austin during SXSW.  
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