Look: Tons of Great 'Back to the Future' Memorabilia at Comic-Con

Jul 26, 2011 Comments ()
  • Profiles in History brought a slew of Back to the Future memorabilia to Comic-Con. Scroll through to check it all out ... [photo credit: Profiles in History]
  • Marty's hat from Part III
  • Marty's outfit from Part III
  • Hoverboard from Part II
  • More Hoverboards and Nike bag from Part II
  • Biff's cane from Part II
  • Doc's glasses from Part II
  • Tool Doc uses to knock Jennifer out in Part II
  • Future scope from Part II
  • Future watch
  • Biff's first winning check from Part II
  • Sports almanac and Oh La La magazines from Part II
  • Bag the sports almanac comes in from Part II
  • Watches Doc and Einstein use in Part I
  • Future before and after newspapers from Part II
  • Kid's sci-fi magazine
  • Before and after newspapers from Part II
  • George McFly's novel
  • Doc's telescope thingy from Part III
  • Doc's handkerchef from Part III
  • Model car from Part I
  • Slide 6
  • Slide 7
  • Tool Doc uses to slide down at the end of Part !
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