Gallery: Smurfs, Sports and Singing at Tribeca's Fantastic Family Festival

Apr 29, 2013 Comments ()
  • Unlike other film festivals, the Tribeca Film Festival saves one day for the city's best annual family festival, full of sports, food, singing, characters and so much more. Click through for images from this year's fest.
  • Is there anything better than free cotton candy?
  • Various booths line the streets.
  • Multiple stages set up throughout showcase neighborhood talent.
  • In the distance you can see the new towers being built in lower Manhattan.
  • Even the Tribeca Grill gets in on the family activities.
  • Kids ride atop shoulders in order to see over the crowd.
  • The Smurfs were on hand giving tours of their village while promoting The Smurfs 2, in theaters July 31.
  • There they are!
  • The Hollywood Backlot is an area designated to show you how movies are put together.
  • In the Hollywood Backlot is this presentation on stunt choreography.
  • Various booths allow kids to make their own movies.
  • Pick up your 'Made in NY' gear.
  • Radio Disney on hand dancing with kids.
  • No festival is without men and women on stilts.
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  • One lone kid is left after a full day of chalk coloring.
  • Every kid is going to want their own balloon.
  • Here's a booth on how to build awesome sand castles.
  • Bubbles!
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  • Here's another stage where more kids perform and play games.
  • Beautiful butterfly kites align the streets.
  • The entrance to the Tribeca Sports Festival, an area dedicated to sports.
  • Characters greet the kids.
  • Get your photo taken with New York's most famous athletes.
  • A number of sports are available to try out, from football to basketball to frisbee.
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  • ** all photos courtesy of Erik Davis
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