Gallery: The Scene at the Toronto Film Festival

Sep 08, 2012 Comments ()
  • Our writers are at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, recording their experiences through this running gallery. Click through to explore...
  • The Ryerson Theatre suffered a ton of technical problems opening night, making the masses wait longer for a glimpse of Kristen Stewart before the On the Road screening. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • The Elgin Theatre, a beautiful old theatre which transforms into the “Visa Screening Room” during TIFF. Some girls are waiting to see if there are any celebs around while the sea of orange-shirted volunteers stand watch. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • Toronto’s Elgin Theatre turns into the “Visa Screening Room” at TIFF, offering Visa cardholders an express trip inside. Here, they're waiting for Marion Cotillard's Rust & Bone. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • When I get back from a midnight screening, the college kids are just getting started. (on Madison Avenue) -- Fred Topel
  • Under construction, promotional truck for the feature film The Golden Scallop, not in the Fest but will drive around with actors in costume drumming up buzz. Director Joseph Laraja pictured -- Fred Topel
  • At TIFF, the red carpets are fringed with Bay blankets. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • Ryan Gosling arrives at the Princess of Wales theater. Police have to hold off fans. -- Fred Topel
  • Balcony seats at the Princess of Wales Theater, where the latecomers and rush audience sit. -- Fred Topel
  • Here's me with the star of Seven Psychopaths, Bonny the dog. -- Fred Topel
  • Joss Whedon on stage introducing Much Ado About Nothing. Trust me, that's him. -- Fred Topel
  • Lana Wachowski introducing Cloud Atlas. -- Fred Topel
  • 8 AM Saturday morning, soaked from downpour outside, and city’s most behemoth escalators were out. Some say the volunteers cheered everyone as they climbed. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • Behind the Princess of Wales theater, fans wait for Tom Hanks and Halle Berry to leave the Cloud Atlas premiere. -- Fred Topel
  • Derek Cianfrance talks with Nigel Smith about The Place Beyond the Pines during indieWIRE’s Q&A session. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • Gael Garcia Bernal talks about his Chilean film No during indieWIRE’s Q&A session. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • In Canada, we have the power to turn nachos into poutine. At the Scotiabank concession stand. -- Fred Topel
  • My seat for Byzantium, right next to Ms. Gemma Arterton. --- Fred Topel
  • The cast of Byzantium, Gemma Arterton with her arm around Saoirse Ronan. -- Fred Topel
  • The ‘50s girl gang trades in the switchblades for sequins at the world premiere of Laurent Cantet’s Foxfire. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • The Foxfire group keep retro with their TIFF transportation. -- Monika Bartyzel
  • Christopher Walken (2nd from left) and the cast and crew of A LATE QUARTET at the TIFF premiere Q&A. - Fred Topel
  • Fans Phat Kid and Monica at the Midnight Madness screening of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem. -- Fred Topel
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