Gallery: The Scene at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

Jan 20, 2013 Comments ()
  • Our own Erik Davis is at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, recording his experiences through this running gallery. Click through to explore...
  • This year everyone is paranoid about getting the flu, hence the hand sanitizer given to me at the airport.
  • The drive into Park City, Utah takes about 35 minutes from Salt Lake City. Expect mountains and snow.
  • First thing you do once you're settled in is to comb through the Sundance Film Guide to figure out what you want to see.
  • Or you can pick movies off this giant grid located at festival headquarters.
  • Finally it's time to settle in for my first Sundance movie, a sad, heartfelt immigration doc called Who Is Dayani Cristal.
  • Sundance signage litters the streets of Park City.
  • Main Street is like Sundance's party-hungry cousin. During the fest it's full of busy restaurants, lots of parties and the Slamdance Festival, at the top of the hill.
  • Here's one of the spaces on Main Street rented out for sponsored parties throughout the week.
  • Main Street Pizza & Noodle, aka That One Place Everyone Eats at Once While at Sundance
  • After filling your belly, it's time to party. I head to the festival's opening night jam.
  • The music is pumping ...
  • The crowd lingers at the opening-night party.
  • Food item of the night: assorted (and eclectic) bags of popcorn
  • Did I mention how much popcorn there was? Picture 20 more tables like this.
  • Computers set up at Sundance headquarters for those who need them
  • The Prospector Square Theater
  • For the movie Newlyweeds, one-hitters were handed out to those in attendance
  • This is what it looks like when you're riding a Sundance shuttle
  • But this is what it looks like outside the window of a Sundance shuttle
  • Inside the MARC theater
  • Dave Grohl introducing his fantastic music doc, Sound City
  • Dave Grohl speaking at the post-screening Q&A for Sound City
  • Inside the legendary Eccles Theater at Sundance, where all the big films make their debut
  • A trip to Sundance isn't complete without attending at least one party
  • Party favors, courtesy of Vimeo
  • Hanging at a party: an image that pretty accurately represents what it feels like operate on 3 hours sleep for a week
  • A Sundance party wouldn't be complete without a random dude painting in the corner
  • Here's what the finished piece looks like
  • The best pizza in Park City is at Davanzas, off of Main St.
  • At the HP Lounge, you can listen to live music. More importantly, you can charge your phones.
  • Oh, and here's what that live music looks like
  • What the makeshift concession stands look like inside theaters at Sundance. This one is at the Library theater.
  • The cast and crew of Toy's House, with Alison Brie in black, in the middle.
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