Comic-Con Panel Pics/Quotes/Highlights: Sony Animation, Pee-Wee Herman, 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,' 'Drive' and Masters of the Web

Jul 22, 2011 Comments ()
  • Peter Lord shows off characters from Pirates: Band of Misfits
  • The Pirates "meet lepers, nudists, ghosts and Charles Darwin, who was voiced by David Tennant."
  • Santa's updated sled from Sony's upcoming Arthur Christmas
  • Santa's army of 25,000 strong salute the man every day with this saying
  • Did you know there were actually many Santas? In this film, we follow Santa the 18th
  • Santa's hardcore son, Steve
  • And it's the hilarious, scene-stealing Grandsanta, played by Bill Nighy
  • The Con highlight so far was the FilmDistrict mash-up panel for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Drive
  • "Monsters are a living, breathing f*ck you" -- Guillermo del Toro
  • Speaking of monsters, here's a look at the critters from Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  • The beautiful Carey Mulligan talks about the beautiful intensity of Drive
  • Pee-Wee Herman stopped by Con to talk everything from his new movie to Twilight
  • His next movie "will be a road trip, similar in feel to Big Adventure. Studio is reading it right now."
  • Masters of the Web panel brought together some of the elite from the online movie news world
  • Topics ranged from nasty commenters to web traffic to the difficulty of advertising while maintaining your integrity
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