Comic-Con Gallery: 'Godzilla' Arrives with This Great Interactive Fan Experience

Jul 18, 2013 Comments ()
  • Click through for images from Legendary's great Godzilla Encounter at San Diego Comic-Con, and watch video of it right here.
  • Welcome to a city street in Tokyo.
  • Very cool Godzilla movie props 
  • Godzilla!
  • Various Godzillas on display. We've been told this isn't the version you'll see in the movie next year, but it'll be close.
  • Newspaper headlines tied to some of Godzilla's most memorable movies. Can you guess them?
  • A tornado of Godzilla art
  • Tokyo fashion... and a monster
  • The entire city street pays homage to the Godzilla legacy.
  • No street in Tokyo is complete without a noodle bar.
  • Here's a menu of what this makeshift noodle bar was serving.
  • Not surprisingly, the dragon roll was pretty tasty.
  • The TV shop broadcasts various footage of Godzilla through the years.
  • Warning signs around town
  • Godzilla figures
  • Light-up Godzilla
  • Expect next year's Godzilla to look a little something like this.
  • Godzilla hits theaters on May 16, 2014.
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