Your Guide to the Creepiest Kids' Movies Ever

Aug 16, 2012 Comments

This fall, animators and makers of kids' movies have finally clued into that universal truth: kids love dark, spooky stories. Why else would the Grimm brothers still be talked about a century later? Even Walt Disney knew to throw in moments of terror and dread into his early films, decades before, somehow, kids' films became innocuous and bloodless.

This year, however, things get back on track, starting with ParaNorman -- an incredible, stop-motion movie about a boy that sees dead people and must save his town from the annual reappearance of an angry witch. Later, we have Hotel Transylvania, featuring a gathering of all the world's monsters under one roof, and Tim Burton's stop-motion, black-and-white Frankenweenie, about a boy that resurrects his dead dog. In celebration of this renewed phenomenon, here's your guide to the creepiest kids' movies yet committed to celluloid.

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