Vampire Bunnies, Wacky Cameos and More Things You Should Know About 'The Lone Ranger'

Apr 25, 2013 Comments

Last night, a select group of journalists reported from the front lines of a cocktail party and screening hosted by Jerry Bruckheimer and Armie Hammer. Our jobs are tough, we know. The producer and star, respectively, treated us to 20 minutes of footage from director Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger – a combination of two key scenes, followed by the movie’s trailer.

Bruckheimer set up the footage (which he called “still very rough” in the way of music, sound effects and final visuals) by way of some light character introduction, and divulged that, “Gore is working very hard to finish the movie,” calling it a “labor of love.” Despite the fact that the film is still a work in progress, Bruckheimer remained “very confident” regarding what we’d see.

And while the footage did a fine job of setting up John Reid’s transformation into the Lone Ranger (hat, mask and Silver are all accounted for), we couldn’t help but think: this movie looks so…Verbinski. Perhaps, even, the Verbinskiest of all Verbinski films. Here are a few reasons why.

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