Movie Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Forget

Aug 08, 2012 Comments
Movie Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Forget

Who doesn’t love some sexiness in their movie escapism? Hell, getting lost watching actors hit that chemistry sweet spot on the big screen is the bedrock of any good rom-com. But it’s not always puppies and flowers out in there in the cineplexes.

The arrival of Hope Springs reminds us that sometimes we just don’t want to see the reality of dysfunctional love played out in all its ugly glory, even for laughs. While we adore the work of Meryl “Living Legend” Streep and the awesomely cantankerous Tommy Lee Jones, we’ve never pined away hoping to see them paired together playing a long-married couple that’s lost their zing in the bedroom. Nope, we’ve never wished for that even a little.

Hope Springs got us thinking about some other comedies featuring sexual content that afterwards made us want to tuck ourselves into bed next to our significant others, fully-clothed, wrapped in blankets with more than a foot between us.

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