Mediocre Movies That Produced Great Sequels-- Will 'Clash of the Titans' Soon Join the List?

Mar 26, 2012 Comments

You’re aware of the sophomore slump, right? It’s that sad classification stamped on any sequel that doesn’t live up to the standards of the original. They’re certainly a common occurrence in sequel-centric Hollywood with plenty of follow-up installments just turning out to be thankless drains on your wallet and your precious time (we’re still looking at you, Batman and Robin!).

But what about the movies that hit theaters as a steaming pile of “meh”? They don’t impress many yet they miraculously make enough money to earn another installment and then manage to birth the most incredible cinematic unicorn of all – a vastly improved and, maybe even great, sequel. With the release of Wrath of the Titans, the better buzzed about follow-up to the vastly disappointing Clash of the Titans, we’ve collected some of the best sequels that surprisingly eclipsed the quality of their celluloid original.

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