Judgment Dave: Movies Need Lesbians. Lots and Lots More Lesbians

Oct 28, 2013 Comments

Blue Is the Warmest Color--heard of it? Maybe? No? Well, it won the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and it opened in limited release last Friday in the United States. It’s a three-hour-long French film about lesbians. Lots of explicit sex in it, because, you know, France. But will you be seeing it? The foreign-language film box office Magic 8 Ball says, “Unlikely.”

Until that day comes when you’ve got both access and time to dig into 180 minutes of woman-on-woman romance, here are my personal favorite other lesbians of cinema history. Not actresses, mind you, though I love Jodie as much as the next fan of puppet-based films costarring Mel Gibson. I’m talking indelible characters, the good, the bad, the mean, the secret-coded, the sexy, the hilarious and the ugly. Your own list may vary, of course; it’s a big world of lesbians out there. Tons of them.

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