Judgment Dave: Do You Party?

Feb 27, 2013 Comments
Sure you do. Just not as well as people in movies.

Winter’s about to close up shop and everybody’s going to take off their clothes and party. In movies, anyway. Harmony Korine’s latest, Spring Breakers, a sex- and violence-filled hand grenade starring two Disney princesses (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens) one cast member of Pretty Little Liars (Ashley Benson) and one Glee cheerleader (Heather Morris) opens very soon; so does 21 and Over (pictured) which looks to mimic Project X without sacrificing its heart and conscience.

In real life, parties are usually more trouble than they’re worth. You have to leave your couch, put on clothes that require more thought than pajamas (usually), bring a bottle of something with you to avoid appearing as though you don’t have manners and then talk to people you either don’t like or don’t feel compelled to know. The cold fact is that unless it’s your birthday and people are showering you with gifts, most parties are never as great as you wish they’d be. This is your fault, of course, for not living in a movie.

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