In Honor of 'Dream House': A Travelogue to New England Horror

Sep 27, 2011 Comments

Fall is upon us, and as the air chills, it’s time to hit the winding roads and travel to New England – where the autumn countryside is covered by the rich hues of fall foliage. With each passing day, the green will sneak further into hibernation as the landscape prepares for winter, but the autumnal New England experience is about more than just changing leaves. It thrives on a pumping vein of horror that fuels the scenery. Thrills thrive in the Northeast, as danger and fear lurk in the woods and haunt the homes. This is the landscape that saw witches burn, and the place where Stephen King thrived.

There’s always a new fear to face in New England, and this week, it’s the likes of Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts entering a Dream House of horror. But their chilling home is not the first to unleash violence and blood in the great Northeast. Click through and enter a travelogue into some of New England’s ever-prevalent horror.

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