The Good and the Bad of "Body Switcheroo" Movies

Aug 03, 2011 Comments

In the late 1980s, someone in Hollywood got the idea to steal from Freaky Friday (1976) and make a new movie from it. Several Hollywood spies latched onto this information, panic set in, and before long, five body-swapping movies were in production. This unfortunate incident should have put an end to that annoying trend. But lo and behold, someone else in Hollywood got the idea to steal from all of them and make the movie again, this time as The Change-Up, where family man Jason Bateman switches bodies with swinging single Ryan Reynolds.

Looking back at the history of the body-swapping genre, however, we learn that not all is bad news. Indeed, if movies have taught us anything, it's that almost any movie has the potential to be good at some point.

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