The Good, the Bad, the Bogus: Michael Bay Movies

Apr 24, 2013 Comments

Michael Bay is an artist. Love or hate his actual art, there's little denying that he leaves an impression in a field where other commercial Hollywood filmmakers are safe and interchangeable. After a chain of broad, PG-13 action flicks, Bay is heading back to the R-rated comedy and violence that launched his feature film career. Pain & Gain may not have a plot that's as large scale or action-packed as we've come to expect from Bay, but there's no mistaking it for anything but a Michael Bay movie -- if not the most Michael Bay-y movie ever made.

In honor of its release this week we take a look back at Bay's career - as a director, a producer and even an actor - to paint a picture of the good, the bad and the bogus films that have dripped out of his mind.

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