The Good, The Bad, The Bogus: '80s Remakes

Oct 12, 2011 Comments
The Good, The Bad, The Bogus: '80s Remakes

The 1980s was far and away cinema’s greatest era. Not only that, but the decade proved none-too-shabby for television as well. Evidence to support this declaration can be found in the bevy of remakes of 80s movies and TV shows we’ve encountered over the last few years. This week, we will have the opportunity to see yet another 80s remake in Craig Brewer’s Footloose; a modernization of the Kevin-Bacon-starring original about a town that has outlawed dancing.

The release of the new Footloose got us pondering the innumerable films rehashed from 80s material released in the last few years. Here are a few of the good, the bad, and the utterly bogus.

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