Five '60s Sci-Fi TV Shows That Should Be Movies

May 07, 2012 Comments
Five 60s Sci-Fi TV Shows That Should Be Movies

Before Tim Burton’s Batman came out in 1989, it’s fair to say that many (if not most) people associated the character with the super-campy '60s TV show that starred Adam West as the Caped Crusader. Burton reinvented Batman in his own image, something that he does with nearly every project he has touched, so it’s quite fair to hope that he does the same with Dark Shadows, adding his own gothic, graphic sensibilities to a fan-favorite show in colloboration with Johnny Depp, his leading man of choice.

While a number of TV shows from the 1960s have already been translated into big-screen versions -- The Fugitive and Mission: Impossible, to name two -- and others are on the way, including The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (and possibly The Jetsons), science fiction shows have received short shrift, beyond the most obvious candidates (Star Trek, The Twilight Zone) and those we’d like to forget (Lost in Space, Land of the Giants). What’s left to reboot into movies?

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