Don't Shoot! 8 Subjects Never to Record

Oct 17, 2011 Comments
Demons, sex, and other things the movies taught us never to commit to camcorder.

After seven years of Saw ringing in the holiday, it’s about time something truly scary gets to do the honor --something like Paranormal Activity. For the past two years, the Paranormal movies have shared the Halloween spotlight alongside Saw VI and Saw 3D, but this time around Paranormal Activity 3 gets the spotlight all to itself.

As someone who used to work as a cameraperson for a local news station, I can assure you that whether you’re merely looking for a man-on-the-street interview or perhaps catching someone red-handed in the middle of a crime, the large majority gets pretty testy when recording devices are involved. Lucky for us, the film industry highlights a few touchy subjects that are bound to raise some serious problems should they be forced in front of the lens.

Considering dusting off the old video camera? Don’t even think about recording any of these …

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