Bottoms Up! Say "Cheers" to Our 10 Favorite Movie Drunks

Apr 05, 2011 Comments

The terms "drunk," "alcoholic," "lush," and, well, "boozehound," usually bring with them negative connotations, whispers of "he’s got a problem" or "she needs help" and the eventual intervention of family and friends. But not so in Hollywood, where the cinematic tradition of booze-soaked antiheroes has been a staple since Charlie Chaplin brought his classic drunk shtick from the stage to screen in the classic short, One A.M.

This week, British bad boy Russell Brand steps into the role made famous by Dudley Moore as Arthur, a rich playboy with just a wee bit of a drinking problem. We figured the timing was perfect to raise our glass and toast our favorite drunks of movie history.

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