The Battle Royale: Something Borrowed vs. Bridesmaids

May 09, 2011 Comments
By Sean O’Connell

Llllaaaadies and gentlemen! Welcome to the main event. The Battle Royale pits like-minded movies against each other in a vicious fight to the death. (Editor’s note: No film was harmed during the writing of Battle Royale, though some people’s feelings might get hurt.)

Opponents are judged on categories both crucial and superficial, from plot and cast to posters and trailers. Two films enter, one film leaves.

In one corner, weighing in with a steady stable of tepid rom-com clichés, is Kate Hudson’s Something Borrowed. And in the opposite corner, riding a wave of positive buzz generated by a South by Southwest test screening, is Kristen Wiig’s ensemble comedy, Bridesmaids. In the words of the legendary Michael Buffer, let’s get ready to rumble!

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