Awesome Underrated Movies from the Stars of 'The Expendables 2'

Aug 17, 2012 Comments

The Expendables is a franchise that has already formed a distinct identity that strives to pack in as much carnage, as much destruction, and as many action legends as humanly possible. This week, The Expendables 2 outshines the ambitiousness of its predecessor by not only increasing the screen time of some of the previously appearing action legends, but also adding a couple more heavy hitters to the lineup.

In preparation for this epic undertaking, we’ve put together a list of primer movies each featuring a different Expendables 2 cast member to get you in the appropriate mindset for the film. As action buffs headed to the multiplex this weekend are no doubt well acquainted with the tent pole films in each actor’s repertoire, we thought we’d offer titles that might not be so familiar.

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