Adam Sandler, These Careers Are Your Fault

Jul 08, 2011 Comments

Lots of people in show business would stab their grandmother in the back if there’s personal benefit to be gained, so it’s worth acknowledging when someone climbs the ladder to the top without forgetting their pals.

However, that kind of largesse can go too far. Take the case of Adam Sandler – while he is generous to his friends, that generosity has meant that some pretty irritating "talents" on both sides of the camera have been foisted upon us time and again.

With the Sandler-produced Zookeeper hitting theaters, we look at some people who currently owe their livelihood to the man behind the corporate entity known as Happy Madison. So while Adam Sandler, Friend is racking up karma points, Adam Sandler, Movie Mogul has some explaining to do when it comes to the following movie careers.

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