9 Ideas for the Next Great 'Final Destination' Opening Disaster

Aug 11, 2011 Comments

The Saw franchise made it to #7, so why can’t Final Destination go for more? Just about every horror movie puts prime importance on the opening blood bath, but of all the gore fests out there the Final Destination franchise certainly has a claim to fame when it comes to each film’s first fiasco. We got a plane crash to start, and then moved onto a log-induced highway disaster followed by a rollercoaster nightmare and then death and destruction at a racetrack. Come August 12th, we can add a brand new common concern brought to life to the list when Final Destination 5 shows off its ability to snag some lives during a suspension bridge collapse. I’ve seen the footage myself and can assure you: this is one to brace yourself for, both due to the general terror of the catastrophe and the eerily creative more intimate moments.

In the meantime, assuming Final Destination will join the ranks of seemingly never-ending horror franchises, why not look to the future? These opening disasters are particularly versatile vessels, with tons of options for creative commencement calamities. What could be on the table for Final Destination 6? Maybe the filmmakers should consider one of these options …

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