10 Tips on How to Live Your Life, According to 'Big'

Dec 09, 2013 Comments

It’s a week of Tom Hanks playing men who are children at heart. Not only is the actor gracing screens this week as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, but the 25th anniversary edition of Penny Marshall’s Big hits Blu-Ray Tuesday. With 72 acting credits and two Best Actor awards to his name, Big continues to be one of Hanks’ most beloved films – and understandably so. It remains an irresistibly charming film, full of the vicarious fun of seeing an adult act like a child. But it also continues to resonate as a movie that reminds us to let out our own inner child now and then.

That’s not the only lesson Big has to share. Turns out the movie has a lot to teach us about how to best live our lives as adults. Here then are 10 of its most valuable bits of advice on love, careers, friendship and travel. 

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