The 10 Scariest Sci-Fi Prisons From Movies & TV

Apr 13, 2012 Comments
The 10 Scariest Sci-Fi Prisons From Movies & TV

In the new film Lockout, Guy Pearce plays a government agent tasked with infiltrating a high-tech prison in orbit around Earth after a breakout puts the visiting U.S. President's daughter at the mercy of the world's most vicious criminals.

Offering yet another take on the classic "break in, then break out" prison stories, Lockout certainly isn't the first film to give its jail environment a sci-fi spin. Both the big and small screens have played host to a number of terrifying, futuristic prisons created to house the worst of society's criminals, and employ some creative tactics for keeping them inside.

Here are 10 of the scariest sci-fi prisons ever to turn up on the screen...

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