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Mar 12, 2012 Comments
That Turned Out Better Than the Shows

When first announced, nobody in their right mind expected the 21 Jump Street movie to be any good, let alone better than the ‘80s TV series it’s based upon. Does it in fact improve upon the source? Judging by the staggering buzz around the adaptation, it appears so.

Or maybe they’re not really comparable in such terms as better or worse, since a compact film narrative is completely different than a long-running series. Still, it got me wondering about other movies based on TV shows that were at least surprisingly great, and yes, perhaps even preferable to the original.

I decided to exclude good movies based on sketches (Wayne’s World; Strange Brew) and eliminated Life of Brian for really having little in the way of adaptation of the show that spawned it. And there are quite a few movies I considered but which ultimately just didn’t make the cut, including Jackass: Number Two; South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Good Burger and Borat.

Certainly there are other favorites I left out (sorry Browncoats and Mojito fiends), but here are 10 movies based on TV shows that I think were improvements:

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