Watch: The Original Stop-Motion Animated T-Rex Scene From 'Jurassic Park' and More Phil Tippett Effects Videos

Watch: The Original Stop-Motion Animated T-Rex Scene From 'Jurassic Park' and More Phil Tippett Effects Videos

Oct 10, 2011

How can you be a movie-loving kid over the age of, say, 25 and not be a junkie for the films of Phil Tippett? The man is a special effects legend, having created some of the most indelible icons cinema has ever seen. That's not an exaggeration. Tippett has had his hands in everything from the original Star Wars trilogy to Robocop to Jurassic Park to Starship Troopers. Simply put, the man brings dreams to life.

This morning I was lucky enough to start my day by receiving a review copy of Universal's upcoming Jurassic Park Blu-ray set. I normally don't tear into review materials the second they arrive, but Jurassic Park isn't normal review material. I had to pop in the first disc right away, just to see how everything looked and sounded. I had only intended to sample the disc (I'm happy to report that the presentation is as top notch as the film deserves), but I ended up spending more time with its special features than intended.  

Among them are the original stop-motion animatics Phil Tippett created for the velociraptor kitchen attack and the T-Rex jeep attack. This in turn set me off on a new Tippett kick, and I was curious to see if any of the archival making-of materials from the disc were available online. Enter Phil Tippett's YouTube page.

Unfortunately most of the gems on Tippett's page aren't embeddable, but while I'm on this Tippett high, I wanted to share some of the highlights from his freely available vault of making-of materials.

Mad God

Mad God Teaser Trailer - A stop-motion film created by Phil Tippett. I'm not sure if Mad God is a short or a feature, but it's a very cool teaser that should have any stop-motion animation fans jonesing for more.



T-Rex Animatic - The original storyboards and animatic created for one of the most complicated sequences in Jurassic Park.  


Raptor Animatic

Raptor Animatic - The kitchen attack, old school.


Prehistoric Beast

Phil Tippett's Prehistoric Beast - A stop-motion film made by Tippett in his garage in 1984.


Phil Tippett

For Ray (2011) - Tippett's funny and loving message for Ray Harryhausen on his Visual Effects Society Lifetime Achievement Award.


Howard the Duck monster

1993 Demo Reel - Exactly what the title says; this is the demo reel Tippett Studio showed to potential clients in 1993, which includes what must be test footage for Tremors 2.


Starship Troopers Bug Test - This is the animation test that got Paul Verhoeven a greenlight for Starship Troopers. Still looks better than most Syfy movies do these days.


Note: Those are just a sampling of the awesome videos from Phil Tippett's YouTube account, head to PhilsAttic for more.  And remember to come back when the Jurassic Park Trilogy hits Blu-ray on October 28th, which is when we'll be posting our full interview with Tippett.

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