'Phil Spector' Trailer: Al Pacino Wigs Out with Helen Mirren and David Mamet

'Phil Spector' Trailer: Al Pacino Wigs Out with Helen Mirren and David Mamet

Feb 05, 2013


The 1960s girl-group god and legendary producer-songwriter Phil Spector is currently sitting in a cell in Corcoran, California serving a 19-years-to-life sentence for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Before the eccentric, bewigged music mogul caused a worldwide media frenzy, he was bringing acts like the Ronettes, the Beatles, the Ramones, and artists like John Lennon and Ike and Tina Turner to fame. His work with the musical icons was diminished after his shocking arrest, and now HBO is transforming his story into a movie.
We already know that Al Pacino was cast in the role of Spector, and it looks like the hair and makeup department had to work overtime for the upcoming biopic Phil Spector. The project reunites Pacino with Glengarry Glen Ross writer David Mamet. Helen Mirren plays Spector's defense attorney, Linda Kenney Baden. Based on the below trailer that just appeared on Movie Box, their relationship seems to be the focus of the story, showing how Baden sided with Spector throughout his trials, but found it nearly impossible to control his explosive personality.
In an interview with Pacino, the actor explains he didn't attempt to connect with the real Spector in prison and that he didn't know much about the producer before taking on the part:
"I wouldn't put myself in a position to talk about who he was, since I played him as what I believe David Mamet wrote and how I believed to interpret him. It's hard to make that kind of statement about a person you don't know and who has been fictionalized… I didn't know anything about him except that he was someone who was responsible for an awful lot of great music… I didn't visit him, I didn't meet him, because he's in prison. He's already been convicted. This person I'm playing is the guy who was there before he was convicted… I didn't try simply because I thought it's a different Phil Spector now…"
Phil Spector airs on HBO Sunday, March 24.

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