Hilarious Petitions Call for Real-Life Death Star and 'Dredd'-Style Judges

Hilarious Petitions Call for Real-Life Death Star and 'Dredd'-Style Judges

Dec 05, 2012

Star Wars Death StarWhen President Obama’s administration launched the We the People website, I’m sure those involved envisioned it as a way for the president and his staff to connect with the American public on serious issues. Anyone can post a petition on the site – and if it garners 25,000 signatures in a certain time frame, someone from the administration will issue an official response. It's democracy and technology in action, basically.

However, as anyone who’s spent more than five minutes on the Internet knows, the Web is full of pranksters and trolls – and We the People has certainly had some wacky petitions turn up over its lifespan (we enjoyed all the petitions asking that states be allowed to secede from the union after last month’s election).

Movie lovers and gamers will certainly want in on three new petitions in desperate need of signatures this month – one demanding the government begin laying the groundwork for the building of a Death Star, one calling for a change in the legal system that would implement leather-clad motorcycle-riding judges, and the building of a statue on the White House grounds to commemorate the efforts of Halo’s Master Chief. Maybe this site wasn’t such a good idea…

Of the three proposals, the Star Wars-inspired Death Star request is the best. The petition cites the unprecedented amount of job growth such a project would create (but would they be government employees or independent contractors? Clearly, Kevin Smith had some inside knowledge about this when he made Clerks) as well as the bonus to our national security. Unfortunately, the petition needs 21,000 more votes before the government will take it seriously.

Less well thought out, but certainly still amusing, is a Dredd-esque call to dissolve the current legal system and “replace it with a single Hall of Justice, run by judges; motorcycle-riding law officers who act as police, judge, jury and executioner.” That one needs just under 22,000 votes to get serious discussion from the White House.

And finally, Halo fans are calling for the erection of a statue of series hero Master Chief on the White House grounds because “he deserves more praise for what he has done.” Granted, he’s a fictional character who hasn’t actually done anything, but Halo fans are a little kooky. Amazingly enough, this petition only needs 20,000 more signatures to reach its goal.

We’re sure there are even more outrageously hilarious petitions lurking around on the site. If you happen to find a cool one related to movies, share it in the comment section below.

[via Movieline]

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