Disney's 'Pete's Dragon' Remake Gets a Magical Teaser Trailer and Motion Poster

Disney's 'Pete's Dragon' Remake Gets a Magical Teaser Trailer and Motion Poster

Feb 22, 2016

Disney is betting big on taking its beloved animated classics and giving them live-action updates for a new generation. Cinderella and Maleficient both hit big and, based on the trailers, Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book looks like it will, at the very least, have some of the most mindblowing visuals of the year. The studio has another live-action remake this year, though, that they've been a bit quiet about up this point. 

Pete's Dragon, from Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery, didn't get a flashy Superbowl spot, but that's a bit understandable. There are many, many people who grew up loving the original story about a boy who befriends a dragon in the woods, but it's still not quite the big name draw as The Jungle Book or next year's Beauty and the Beast. It's not a Superbowl spot kind of movie. But based on this new teaser and poster, it looks downright wonderful.

Watch the teaser.

It's cute and has just the right amount of mystery to it. And even though we can't see the dragon in full, we can at least get a sense of how Lowery is approaching the dragon this time around. Obviously he's no longer a 2D animation, instead opting for a full CGI model. What is cool about it, though, is he already looks lovable and approachable in just the tiny bit we can see. 

Check it out.

Pete's Dragon poster

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