Peter Weller Gets Philosophical in This Vintage Behind-the-Scenes 'RoboCop' Clip

Peter Weller Gets Philosophical in This Vintage Behind-the-Scenes 'RoboCop' Clip

Nov 06, 2012

RobocopWe love RoboCop, and we love seeing actors get all philosophical about their work, so this classic clip from the making of RoboCop was bound to catch our attention.

This 1987 behind-the-scenes interview was originally aired on Entertainment Tonight and features Peter Weller leading the ET crew around the set as he talks at length about the film. Weller gets deep into how the film is really a fable like Beauty and the Beast and a “search for the soul” on Murphy’s part. Our favorite line is this gem:

“It’s not about, you know, a bionic man or a bionic woman. It’s not about a human looking thing with mechanics inside, right? It’s about a mechanical thing with a human inside.”

While that’s pretty profound (and kidding aside, also pretty accurate), we tend to think of RoboCop and remember the violence, the action, and that awesome costume above all else.

Speaking of that costume, Weller does talk later about the outfit and how long it takes to get into it each day. He also shares his thoughts about how director Paul Verhoeven shot the film and how different it is than the standard action movie.

All in all, we really dig this clip. If you’re still bummed about the fact that Jose Padilha is remaking RoboCop, watch this footage and just pretend it’s still 1987.

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