Peter Jackson Taking Hobbit Fan Questions Now

Peter Jackson Taking Hobbit Fan Questions Now

May 31, 2011

We still have a good while before Peter Jackson's first Hobbit movie hits theaters on December 14th, 2012, so in the meantime we need to be kept busy with something. Yesterday it was announced that the two Hobbit movies had official titles and release dates: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits December 14, 2012, while The Hobbit: There and Back Again follows later on December 13, 2013.

With that announcement came another from Jackson himself via his Facebook page, and it involves the director answering 20 fan questions. With roughly 4,000 fan questions submitted, it should be interesting to see which ones Jackson chooses. Based on this first one, though, it appears as if he's especially looking to answer questions that have been asked by multiple people.

His first answer didn't count, but it does provide background for what's about to go down.

QUESTION #1 STEVEN BEDDOE asked, "Will you have time to sift through 4,000 questions just to answer twenty of them?"

Yes, I will. I've been very busy recently, not just with shooting, but with location scouting and prep work during our days off, so I've found it hard to get to the questions. However, today I have enjoyed sitting down and reading through them all. I'll get started and continue to answer what seem to be the most popular questions during the next few weeks (as well as some one-off, quirky ones!).

Actually, that question was just a little dull (sorry Steven), so I'm not going to include it in the official twenty...

Then we get the first official question, which deals with the White Council attacking Dol Guldor. Fans will remember that being the place where Sauron hung out before he skipped town and headed to Mordor. See below ...

OFFICIAL QUESTION #1 VALERIA KEMENTARI asked, "Are we going to see the White Council attacking Dol Guldor?"

This was quite a popular topic, with JOHN LIDDLE, TOBY PHILLIPS and SETH DONALD, along with many others, asking variations of this same question.

I'm not going to say just what and when, but I will confirm that both the White Council and Dol Guldur will feature in the movies. And not just in one scene either. Just how to visualise it has been a challenge, but fortunately Alan Lee and John Howe went crazy with ideas, and it should look pretty cool.

In fact to celebrate the start of these 20 questions, I'll show you an exclusive photo of the White Council planning the attack on Dol Guldur! Even if you don't want to be hit with spoilers, you should still take a look. For the first image of Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel brandishing an array of fearsome Elvish weapons, CLICK HERE!

Another question soon...

Funny guy. What do you want to know most about The Hobbit movies? In the meantime, make sure you keep checking out our Hobbit Countdown column by Larry Curtis of

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