Peter Facinelli Finds One Twilight Hater: His Own Daughter

Peter Facinelli Finds One Twilight Hater: His Own Daughter

Oct 06, 2010

You'd be hard-pressed to find a 13-year-old girl who isn't completely (and embarassingly) obsessed with all things Twilight. Both the books and popular movie franchise have spawned a fan-related cult much larger, scarier and more determined than anything we've seen since The Great Cabbage Patch Kid Massacre of 1988. Thus, considering how widespread the Twilight fandom has become, it's somewhat surprising to find Twi-haters in the most unexpected places ... like at Peter Facinelli's house.

Facinelli, for those who don't live, eat and breathe all things Twilight, stars in the films as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the older and wiser member of the Cullen vampire clan that both Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) hang around with. Turns out Facinelli has a 13-year-old daughter, and -- surprise, surprise -- she can't stand Twilight, to the point where she refuses to let anyone see her with her father for fear they'll rush him and steal his blood or ask for an autograph (I forget which is more popular with the kids these days).

Speaking to Parade magazine, Facinelli's wife, Jennie Garth (who dealt with her own teen fandom back in the '90s as one of the hottie stars of Beverly Hills 90210) admits that her daughter isn't so fond of the vampires from Forks, Washington, even if they are paying the bills. Garth notes, "She's like, 'Let's not talk anything Twilight. Don't mention it. Wear a hat to my school.' She's a little embarrassed by it, she wants people to like her for her and not because of him, or want to come to our house because of that. It's something we deal with. But she's proud of him."

Heck yeah she's proud of him. After all, those Twilight films are going to earn that girl a wicked Sweet 16 party ... minus a vampire theme, of course.

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