" style="display: none;">Paramount Looks at 'Piranha' Director for 'Pet Sematary' Remake

Paramount Looks at 'Piranha' Director for 'Pet Sematary' Remake

Aug 03, 2011

Don't even act surprised that Paramount wants to move ahead with a Pet Sematary remake. The well-regarded mid-'80s Stephen King adaptation yielded one (truly terrible) sequel, but has gone on to become a video store / cable channel / Netflix favorite to horror freaks all over the world.

Our pals at Twitchfilm now inform us that not only has 1408 adaptor Matt Greenberg come on board to write the reboot, but also that Paramount has been talking to Alex Aja to climb aboard as director. Horror freaks may wish to look past Aja's most recent effort, the rather goofy Piranha, and perhaps focus more on films like High Tension and that nasty Hills Have Eyes remake. Nothing against the childishly indulgent Piranha remake, but Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary works precisely because it takes a potentially silly concept, plays it dead straight, and delivers one seriously creepy experience.

Trivial note: aside from his debut High Tension, all of Aja's films (Hills, Mirrors, Piranha) have been remakes. This project would continue that trend.

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