Peeps Candy and a Classic Disney Ride Are Getting Their Own Movies

Peeps Candy and a Classic Disney Ride Are Getting Their Own Movies

Apr 23, 2014

Nostalgia is a potent elixir, and Hollywood continues to tap into the warm fuzzies of our youth — as our report on the Goonies sequel earlier this week demonstrates. Today, it’s a gooey Easter candy and a popular Walt Disney theme park ride stealing the hearts.

The multicultural musical attraction It’s a Small World, featuring over 300 animatronic children boasting colorful outfits from around the globe, has spooked a few kids over the years — but its message of unity and global peace makes it a memorable experience. The Walt Disney Company is borrowing a page from its successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and hoping to repeat history by adapting the theme park ride into a film. Disney has snagged filmmaker Jon Turteltaub to direct the upcoming feature.

Turteltaub’s National Treasure series was a success for the studio, but his latest film for Disney, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, didn’t win many fans according to domestic box office numbers. Disney is hoping to lock down another win by adding Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie 2 screenwriter to the new project. The news comes on the 50th anniversary of the ride’s debut. Hopefully It’s a Small World fans won’t have to wait another 50 years to see the film, but website Deadline notes that the project will need some time to develop before we see it come together. 

If pastel marshmallow candies are more of your thing, then you’ll be delighted to discover that Detroit Rock City director Adam Rifkin has optioned the film and television rights to the impossibly sticky candy Peeps. The project is being described as a “Lego Movie-esque family epic set the night before a Peeps diorama contest, when a wayward Peep gets misplaced and must adventure through the fantasy lands of different-themed dioramas before the contest’s judging begins.” And yes, Peep diorama contests do exist outside of movieland. You can check out the big winner from this year’s Washington Post Peep contest, titled I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. Addresses the Peeple, over here if you’re curious. 

Can a film about a marshmallow chick cut it in Hollywood? People said the Lego movie was an absurd concept as well, but Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s mini-fig adventure tale raked in over $441 million worldwide and will soon have a sequel. Chime in with your thoughts on these nostalgia-filled stories in the making below.




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