Pay $30 to Watch a Movie at Home? Pshhhh! Never!

Pay $30 to Watch a Movie at Home? Pshhhh! Never!

Sep 30, 2010

There’s been talk for awhile now that Hollywood would square out a deal with cable providers to offer people big movies before they arrive on DVD, maybe 30-45 days after they hit theaters. The catch was that in order to watch these films, consumers would need to pay for the luxury. Early rumor had it studios wanted to charge up to $50 to watch a movie from your living room, which is nuts because my friend Jimmy TwoTimes can download the same movies for free … while they’re still in theaters! (Is that legal?)

Anyway, studios and cable providers are getting closer to a deal, with the first movies arriving on your cable box for a premium price early next year. Now they’ll be charging between $20-30 per rental, which may work and it may not, depending on how lazy you are (seriously - get your ass up and go to the theater!). Eventually that price is going to come down as technology catches up, affording people the chance to watch anything they want whenever they want (Ryan Seacrest jumping through a hoop set on fire? So be it!). Until then, though, people are going to be spending way too much money to watch an Adam Sandler movie only one month (maybe even less) before the proper (and much cheaper) DVD hits shelves. If that’s what does it for ya, then more power to you.

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