'Brick Mansions' Trailer: Watch Paul Walker Be a Total Badass in the 'District B13' Remake

'Brick Mansions' Trailer: Watch Paul Walker Be a Total Badass in the 'District B13' Remake

Feb 12, 2014

Brick Mansions posterActor Paul Walker may no longer be with us after passing away in a tragic car crash late last year, but fans will at least get to see a him a couple more times on the big screen. The performer wasn’t able to finish the latest Fast & Furious film before his untimely passing, but he did complete an American remake of the European action film District B13 -- renamed as Brick Mansions. You can get your first look at that film’s trailer below.

The remake finds Walker playing a cop who teams up with David Belle’s character Lino (Belle was a star of the original film) to infiltrate a really bad part of town and take down a crime lord with a neutron bomb. Wu Tang Clan’s RZA is playing the heavy.

What makes both versions of the film stand apart from the countless other action movies on the market are their reliance on Parkour-flavored action scenes. The free-running gymnastics on display is pretty amazing to watch, and certainly give the feature a unique look and feel. Have a look at the clip and see for yourself.

Brick Mansions punches its way into a theater near you on April 25.



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