Paul Verhoeven Teases Four-Breasted 'Total Recall' Character; Says He's Depressed Over Remake

Paul Verhoeven Teases Four-Breasted 'Total Recall' Character; Says He's Depressed Over Remake

Aug 07, 2012

Paul Verhoeven is depressed. A remake of his 1990 film Total Recall just hit theaters to bad reviews, Starship Troopers and RoboCop are all being remade, and the cult director is grumpy about it. In an interview with GQ, Verhoeven talked about the mind-bending actioner that brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to the role of Quaid. 

"Before we started, Patrick Swayze was involved," the director revealed. "Arnold had been pursuing the project for years. In the original script, Quaid was an accountant. He was boring. Arnold is not an accountant. It would not work that way. We felt we should adapt the script. With Arnold, the tone should be a touch lighter. A little bit winking." Verhoeven also commented on Arnie's way with words. "I thought the accent would be alienating… It was funny, of course. Neither me nor Arnold sometimes knew how to pronounce a word. We had to get the script girl to tell us."
And now, onto the important stuff. Verhoeven wanted a four-breasted prostitute for the film — something he apparently saw photos of while attending university, the circumstances of which we don't want to know. "I had asked for a woman with four breasts. Anatomically that is possible with additional nipples… but from an entertainment point of view, I think three breasts were more interesting than four breasts."
We also get to learn about Verhoeven's views of marriage and sexuality, as he defends Arnold's secret affair with his housekeeper. "Yeah, it's not so terribly important or disgusting or should be condemned in such a unanimous way. It's much more complicated than that. Sex should not be seen as more than a trick of evolution to keep the species going. We should not make it into a sacred thing."
So what does Verhoeven really think of all of his movies being remade? "It's depressing in the way that you feel that you're already dead and buried. Basically, you are transported out of the window."
Read GQ's article for more of the nitty gritty. Bring Xanax.

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