Paul Thomas Anderson Loves Action Movies, Teases New Comedy -- Which Would You Rather?

Paul Thomas Anderson Loves Action Movies, Teases New Comedy -- Which Would You Rather?

Nov 07, 2012


When cineastes talk about modern-day auteurs, one name always comes up: Paul Thomas Anderson. The wunderkind of the film world has hypnotized audiences and critics with his impeccable technique and style, but we imagine that few of them have considered what the director would be like behind the camera of an action movie or comedy. PTA's dramas certainly have shades of dark humor. Epics like There Will Be Blood feature some intense bursts of action — such as the derrick explosion — but we can hardly call them action films. In an interview with website Moviehole, the Master filmmaker talks about his love for action cinema and comedies. 
"Action films take a lot of time and they’re really fun to watch and to edit together, but they’re not that much fun to make," he confesses. "I mean, and I only say that from the experience that I’ve had doing anything that is remotely kinda action oriented, like the frog scene in Magnolia or some of the bits in There Will Be Blood, that it’s so time consuming, waiting for somebody to blow up a window. I don’t know, it doesn’t float my boat as much as the other stuff." When asked if he would ever consider directing a film like Die Hard (he's apparently a huge fan of the original film), he had this to say: 
"Well, I would never want to do something like [Die Hard 6] but if I had had a chance to direct the first Die Hard? Yes. I don’t know that I could have done it that well, like John McTiernan did. But that’s one of my favourite films. I must have seen it 10 to 15 times in the movie theater. And I would love to do something like that." 
Anderson is married to former SNL star and Bridesmaids actress Maya Rudolph, but has PTA ever considered making a comedy before? "You mean like full-blown comedy? Soon hopefully," he told the website. "I have to write it.  It sounds daunting. [Laughs] I’d like to make a film like Airplane. That never gets old. Or Ted.  It was a big hit. Why? Because It’s great. Movies that are that big a hit are never f*cking bad. I mean, there’s no such… You know, people aren’t that stupid, that movie’s a hit because it’s hilarious. I hope [Seth MacFarlane] makes another film."
Can PTA make a real-deal action or comedy film without it devastating us to the core? Would his funny film be in the same vein as Todd Solondz's Happiness? Tells us what you think, below.

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