'Grace' Director Goes Back to Horror with 'The Faces'

'Grace' Director Goes Back to Horror with 'The Faces'

Aug 26, 2011

Paul Solet's Grace made more than a few ripples during (and well after) its debut at Sundance 2009 (here's my review at FEARnet), but besides that stupdily hilarious Jack Chop short, we haven't heard anything on the guy's next gig. Well now we have. Courtesy of a press release I got myself and therefore don't have to credit another website, the hardcore Bostonian horror freak will soon be directing a flick called The Faces for FilmNation Entertainment.

All we know so far is that first-timer Eric Reese wrote the screenplay and that the basic log-line goes a little like this: "A year after narrowly escaping a brutal kidnapping, a pair of newlyweds find themselves plagued by a horrifying series of events. They soon discover the existence of an elite underworld society which uses terror as a means of entertainment."

Sounds cool to me. Oh, and click here for that ridiculous Jack Chop short, which is most assuredly NOT safe for work, church, or day care center.

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