Paul Rudd Saves the Day After Theatergoer Vomits All Over Audience Members

Paul Rudd Saves the Day After Theatergoer Vomits All Over Audience Members

Nov 15, 2012

In case you need yet another reason to love Paul Rudd, the actor managed to remain cool, calm and collected during what had to be one of the worst theatergoing experiences for many Broadway show patrons last night. According to Gothamist, an audience member (who was either drunk or old; reports vary) vomited all over the balcony and onto audience members in the orchestra during a performance of the play Grace. One audience member described "quite the ruckus" as the scene played out, while the play's star, Paul Rudd, continued on with the show without skipping a beat. 

It was also Rudd -- who stars in Grace alongside Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and Ed Asner -- who took it upon himself to let audience members know what happened after the show was over. One audience member confirmed that, while the cast was on stage following the performance, Rudd told them that "someone in the balcony had vomited onto those in the orchestra." 

We're not sure if those who were vomited on will receive a refund or free tickets to another show, but they certainly have our sympathy. As for Rudd and his fellow costars, we give them credit for going on with the show knowing something isn't quite right in the audience. Now if Rudd truly wants a clean slate, perhaps he'll pass out autographs to those who were vomited on, and then maybe barf bags at the next performance just to be safe. 

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