'ParaNorman' Behind-the-Scenes Footage Showcases the Magic of Stop-Motion Animation

'ParaNorman' Behind-the-Scenes Footage Showcases the Magic of Stop-Motion Animation

Aug 07, 2012


If you love behind-the-scenes movie footage, today’s batch of B-roll material for the upcoming kids’ flick ParaNorman should make you happy.

Trailer Addict has scored 18 minutes worth of extra behind-the-scenes footage that was provided to local news and morning shows to flesh out their junket interview pieces. That’s way more footage than anyone will ever need, but it does give viewers a fascinating look at the magic of making a film that involves stop-motion animation and meticulously crafted character models.

The footage (some of it without sound) covers a bit of everything – from model sculpting to voice acting to the actual filming (which is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process). It’s all quite fascinating to anyone who’s interested in how filmmakers create these elaborate features.

ParaNorman is the story of a young boy who can speak with the dead and finds himself tasked with saving his town from an evil curse. It’s scheduled for release on August 17. Until then, enjoy this peek behind the curtain. [via /Film]

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