Paranormal Marketing: See Your Name in the End Credits of Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Marketing: See Your Name in the End Credits of Paranormal Activity

Nov 06, 2009

There is nothing normal about the ongoing theatrical run of Paramount’s horror sensation Paranormal Activity. The studio released the movie in 13 different college towns on September 25 and slowly expanded it to more cities as word of mouth and a viral marketing campaign prompted people to write in and request the movie in their hometown. Now the $15,000 documentary-style movie about a couple haunted by a supernatural force in their home has grossed $87 million at the box office and counting, making it the most profitable independent film ever (yes, an even bigger return on investment than The Blair Witch Project).

Paranormal Activity doesn’t have a home video release date yet, but Paramount wants to thank moviegoers who helped make the little film one of the biggest hits of the year by featuring their names on the DVD and Blu-ray end credits. "The success of Paranormal Activity would not have been possible without the million-plus fans who went to the official website and demanded the movie in their home town," says Amy Powell, Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures. "They demanded the movie and they got it. So now we are giving them credit where credit is due."

What is the scariest thing about having your name at the end of a movie? You don’t have much time left to see your name in lights. Paranormal fans who want their names to appear in the end credits of the DVD and Blu-ray need to register their names at the Paranormal Activity Project before Monday, November 9 at noon PT.

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