Rumor: 'Paranormal Activity' Spin-off Teaser to Debut After 'Paranormal Activity 4' Credits

Rumor: 'Paranormal Activity' Spin-off Teaser to Debut After 'Paranormal Activity 4' Credits

Oct 08, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Fans who catch Paranormal Activity 4 in theaters when it opens on October 19 could be in for a special treat – provided they stay for the end credits.

Horror website Bloody-Disgusting reports that Paramount will show footage of its new, Latino-themed Paranormal Activity spin-off after the new film’s credits conclude. This project, which has been hinted at since earlier this year, will not be a direct sequel or a reboot of the franchise, but will instead be a micro-budgeted side story designed to capitalize on the Latino community’s love of religion-based fright flicks.

The new film will feature a Latino cast and focus on “Catholic-based paranormal mythology,” according to THR. The site also adds that the title will be presented in English.

Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 screenwriter Christopher Landon will write and direct the new entry. Oren Peli and Jason Blum will reprise their roles as producers.

Bloody-Disgusting is stating that this news is still just a rumor and not confirmed (although it comes from one of their “inside sources”), but if you’re planning to check out Paranormal Activity 4 later this month, we’d recommend sticking around for the credits since it's better to be safe than sorry (even though whatever they do show will be online within hours).

There’s no official release date for this still-untitled project, but early speculation has it making its debut in January of 2013. That makes sense, given that horror films have found big openings and appreciative audiences in the wake of the holiday season.

We’ll bring you more on this newest entry in Paranormal Activity universe as details emerge.

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