New 'Paranormal Activity 4' Trailer, Plus Our Reactions from the Fantastic Fest Screening

New 'Paranormal Activity 4' Trailer, Plus Our Reactions from the Fantastic Fest Screening

Sep 27, 2012


The second trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 hit the Web last night, just after the film screened at Austin's Fantastic Fest. Our own Peter Hall and John Gholson shared a few thoughts about PA3 helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's fourth installment in the supernatural series, which mirror the mixed reactions that audiences were madly tweeting while exiting theaters. The Austin crowd apparently saw a work-in-progress print of the film, which is set to haunt moviegoers on October 19. "I'd be shocked if the final cut of Paranormal Activity 4 doesn't have big changes. It's very much so a workprint," Hall shared on Twitter, confirming the film's unfinished status. He also had positive things to say about the movie that others called "not pleasing," "weak sauce," and "boring." Sad!





Gholson added:



The new, second trailer reveals more about the creepy child character we've been introduced to through several teasers and images. It adds to the speculation that abducted baby Hunter has returned to the series from PA2, all grown up and with the name Robbie. That may or may not be true, but the trailer cuts in a snippet of the scene where Katie Featherston's character takes off with the baby a few films ago.

We're also introduced to a new family — neighbors to the mysterious Robbie. They take him under their wing when an accident sends Robbie's mom to the hospital (is it Katie?). Soon, they realize that his presence signals the beginning of some terrifying paranormal attacks. People levitate, chandeliers crash to the floor, and the family's XBox Kinect seems to have a haunting, hypnotizing effect on Robbie. We get a peek at an ancient symbol that may explain a few things, too. "The Hatlusac symbol of fertility was often present in sacred rituals whereupon a demon would take possession of a male child," reads the family's computer screen. Watch the trailer below, and let the conspiracy theories fly in the comments section.


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