First Look: Bradley Cooper as Lucifer in 'Paradise Lost' (Plus Panel Quotes and Concept Art from Comic-Con)

First Look: Bradley Cooper as Lucifer in 'Paradise Lost' (Plus Panel Quotes and Concept Art from Comic-Con)

Jul 25, 2011

Following their panel at Comic-Con, Legendary has released the first look (sort of) of Bradley Cooper as Lucifer in the upcoming adaptation of Paradise Lost. Check it out below, along with a few quotes (and concept art) from the panel, which included star Bradley Cooper and director Alex Proyas  ...

Bradley Cooper: "I studied Paradise Lost in college, and I always just loved the poem and the depiction of Lucifer as a very sympathetic character."

BC: "I begged them to think about the idea of me playing Lucifer - put myself on tape in my kitchen with my buddy Wes and here we are."

Alex Proyas - "The film is based on Milton's Paradise Lost - and we're pretty much gonna live up to it by making an epic film about Lucifer's fall from grace; his battle against the archangel Michael."

AP: - "The film is set in Heaven and Hell and Eden -- visualizing a heaven and hell that is unique, and trying to create unique envrionments is a challenge. This film couldn't have been made a few years ago; we're not even sure we can make it now.

AP: "Story and characters are the thing for me - particularly with Lucifer we have an oppurtunity to create the most extraordinary character we haven't seen before."

AP: "It's a very intimate family story about two brothers and their father, and what happens when one betrays the other. If you've seen Dark City you know this is the right man for the job

AP: "We tried to stay as faithful [to the original source material] as we could."

AP: "We achieved a great narrative within the scope of Paradise Lost -- been a bit of re-editing on the scope of the story, but it's ready to go now."

Check out more concept images from the panel, courtesy of Katey Rich from CinemaBlend, whose camera took better shots than mine.

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