Paquin Joins Scream 4, Piranha 3D Gets Sequel, 11 11 11? and 127 Hours Trailer

Paquin Joins Scream 4, Piranha 3D Gets Sequel, 11 11 11? and 127 Hours Trailer

Aug 23, 2010

  •  We ALL Scream USA Today reported and Dimension confirmed Wednesday morning that Anna Paquin (woohoo!) and Kristen Bell (yawn) will appear in Scream 4. At this point you may ask who isn't making a cameo in Wes Craven's first Scream movie since 2000, but I'm pleased to see the True Blood star on board.
  •  Gulp! Despite lackluster ticket sales, the (dare I say highly entertaining, and yes, well reviewed) horror comedy Piranha 3D is getting a sequel. Say what you want about its gratuitious nudity, tasteless humor and total schlock value; I don't see any announcements about The Switch 2.
  •  Rock and a Hard Place You've got to give it to Danny Boyle; he's not afraid of tackling whatever topic grabs him. Case in point: The new 127 Hours trailer, about the rock climber who cut off his own arm to save his life. One wonders if this is more one-hour movie-of-the-week than feature film, but it couldn't be in better hands. Ahem.
  •  Sound the Alarm Someone didn't learn a lesson from 2012 when it comes to mystical New Age conspiracy theory gimmicks movies. That someone being Saw guy Darren Bousman, whose 11 11 11 (to be released on, what else? Nov. 11, 2011) will have to do with stargates and synchronicities and celestial chakras or some nonsense. Time's running out on your career, buddy.

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