Meet Knifehead, This Summer's Coolest Movie-Related Action Figure

Meet Knifehead, This Summer's Coolest Movie-Related Action Figure

Jun 06, 2013

I mean, c'mon -- look at this thing! Meet Knifehead (probably not the name his mother gave him at birth, but we'll go with it), one of the nastiest looking Kaiju monsters from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. This action figure comes from collectibles company NECA and it's part of the first series of toys revealed as tie-ins for the movie, due out July 12. 

And it's badass. Seriously badass. You stick this thing on your coffee table and it should scare away intruders (though don't hold us to that), or at the very least your cat. Just seeing the nasty amount of detail on this thing has us psyched to see what it looks like when Knifehead fights the giant robots created to destroy him and his monster friends.

Isn't that what the summer movie season is all about?

Look for Knifehead in stores soon, and here's the latest trailer for Pacific Rim to catch you up on what to expect when it drops next month. [via Coming Soon]

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