'Pacific Rim' Roundup Reveals Spoilery Concept Art and Silly Jaeger Designs

'Pacific Rim' Roundup Reveals Spoilery Concept Art and Silly Jaeger Designs

Jul 16, 2013

Pacific Rim Joke Jaeger

If you can’t get enough of Pacific Rim, then you’re in luck – because I’ve got two new things to share today. One of them is SPOILERY and serious (and awesome), while the other just proves that the Internet is full of wiseacres. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

If you haven’t seen the film yet, you will probably want to avoid this part of the story and the giant picture below (easier said than done, I know). Wayne Barlowe did loads of concept art for the movie – much of it collected in the film’s art book. Many of those images have been featured online already, but there was one that most sites thought was a little too big a spoiler to share prior to the movie’s release.

The piece in question is a concept design of the Precursors – the aliens responsible for creating the Kaiju that are destroying Earth before they eventually come and turn us into one of their colonies. They sound like charming folks.

What’s really cool about the concept art is how much it resembles the Precursors from the film. Generally speaking, most concept art looks pretty different from what appears in the final movie. That’s not really the case this time. Check out the image below. Hopefully we get a Pacific Rim 2 and learn more about these guys…

Pacific Rim precursor concept art

It’s debatable as to who the biggest stars in Pacific Rim really are – is it Charlie Hunnam and the human characters, or is it the giant Jaegers and monstrous Kaiju? Well, let’s put it this way – the film didn’t have a “design your own Jaeger pilot" website, but it did have one for designing your very own ass-kicking mech. And like all things on the Internet, some folks used it for laughs.

Tumblr blog 4th String Jaegers has collected some of the most amusing fan creations so you can giggle at them without having to wear out your mouse.

Check out a few of our personal favorites below (whoever designed the Genuflectionator and Rectal Thermometer deserve extra credit) and let us know what your fourth-string Jaeger would be in the comment section.

[via io9]

Pacific Rim Joke Jaeger 2


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